TrueWiring for Churches Master Class: November 11 – 12, 2019

  • 12 hours of classroom training
  • Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Price: $1,599

Hotel accommodations are not included.

Lunch on Monday is provided. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Course Overview

Our TrueWiring Assessor Classes gives you an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the entire assessment suite. The class begins with a full-day discussion of each assessment instrument, why we developed the instrument, how it’s used appropriately (or not), the actual items used to compute the scores and some of the psychometrics behind the instruments. We’ll challenge you to try and coerce the instrument to give you the desired result and discuss the pitfalls of self-reporting instruments. After a full day of working hard, some call this drinking from a firehose, we break for the evening and let some of the details sink in overnight. The second half-day includes exercises with more interaction geared toward giving you the tools you need to effectively assess people using these tools.

  • Overview of TrueWiring for Churches
  • Detailed analysis of each instrument
    • DISC
      • Natural vs Adaptive
      • Above and below the mean
      • Common profiles
    • Motivators
      • Using themes to simplify results
      • Growth Propensity (GPS) and what makes it important
      • Reading the summary chart effectively
      • Dealing with the bottom end; I.e., trying to stay focused on the top motivators!
    • Spiritual Gifts
      • We don’t test everything
      • Learning from 15,000 responses
      • Themes or Clusters of gifts
      • Action steps based on top gifts
    • Emotional Intelligence
      • There is a lot of hype about EQ
      • Family of origin issues
      • Understanding emotions under stress
    • Conflict Profile
      • It depends…
      • When people are involved, there will be conflict
      • Themes help the individual and the group leaders
      • Warning flags
  • How to use TrueWiring for church leaders
    • How NOT to use TrueWiring instruments
    • Closing the experience gap, a more efficient way to get to know someone
    • Issues with self-report instruments
  • Spiritual Gifts vs Motivators
    • Gifts are not Motivators
    • God-given abilities that look like Motivators
  • DISC as Revealed in Other Instruments
    • Behavioral traits should be evident across the board
    • Learning how to see one instrument reflected in another
  • Conflict Profile in Practice
    • Observing conflicting behaviors
    • Comparing Resolving to Compromising
    • Yielding and Avoiding: how church leaders get trapped
  • Emotional Intelligence is NOT Set in Stone
    • EQ is a learned behavior — what does this really mean?
    • Common resources for life-long improvement
  • Issues to be Managed vs Problems to be Solved
    • Keys to effective coaching
    • When to get a professional counselor involved
    • Differences between mentors, coaches, and counselors — why you probably want all three
  • Psychometrically Valid and Reliable Instruments
    • What this really means
    • Understanding technical documentation
    • Having confidence in the results, even when the subject is in denial
  • Live exercises
    • Debriefing: How to help someone unpack their results
    • How to cheat and why church people are afraid to answer honestly

Hotel Recommendation (Special Rates)

Airport Shuttle – Free Breakfast – Wireless Internet – Business Center
Pool – Health/Fitness Center – No Pets Allowed