TrueWiringTM Learning Paths

Our TrueWiring for Churches suite includes 5 instruments that measure 59 scales across 15 themes. Understanding the details and interactions between instruments, themes, and scales is essential for effectively making valid assessments using these instruments. The following provides a list of resources to help you on this journey.

TrueWiringTM Learning Paths
Content included with each option$29
Overview of Spiritual Gifts
TrueWiring for Churches Field Guide
The Art of Assessing People
Online Learning – Introductory Classes
TW4C Overview
Spiritual Gifts
Conflict Profile
Emotional Intelligence
Online Learning – Training Classes
TrueWiring for Church Leaders
Spiritual Gifts vs Motivators
DISC as Revealed in Other Instruments
Conflict Profile in Practice
Emotional Intelligence is NOT Set in Stone
Issues to be Managed vs Problems to be Solved
Premier Access
Premium content
Technical documentation
Quarterly coaching webinars
40% Discount on Instruments
Dashboard of clients
In-Person Classes in Orlando, FL
Church Assessor – 12 hours
Master Assessor – +2 days


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Overview of Spiritual Gifts, © 2018, Greg Wiens

In the Overview of Spiritual Gifts book, we provide a unified look into the Spirit-given gifts endowed upon every Christ-follower at the time of their conversion and perhaps during their growth and maturing as a disciple of Jesus Christ. This book is not biased toward any particular theological background. If you are a Christ-follower, or if you’re just seeking to understand what is meant by Spiritual Gifts, we believe there is something for you in this book!

TrueWiring for Churches: A Field Guide to Understanding Your Results © 2019, Greg Wiens, Stephen Lewis, and Dave Phillips [Fall 2019]

This book provides some background for each of the 5 assessment instruments included in TrueWiring for Churches suite, their intended use, and detailed discussion about the themes and scales shown in your results. To help unpack the 15 themes and 59 scales, the field guide presents a detailed look at the reports with a focus on understanding what the scores indicate, some key takeaways, and typical scale comparisons across instruments. This book will help you understand how these instruments indicate your hard-wiring, things that are not likely to change, and software, areas where you can grow, along with recommendations to help maximize your Kingdom impact.

The Art of Assessing People © 2020, Greg Wiens [Spring 2020]

Have you ever thought of yourself as an assessor? The truth is that we are all assessors. We assess ourselves, people, and situations then make judgments based upon those assessments. The question isn’t whether or not you make assessments; the question is whether you make v assessments or not! This book is intended to help you make better assessments of people, starting with yourself. Whether you are interested in assessment instruments to better understand yourself, help your children discover their strengths, assist the people in your small group in finding their calling in ministry, or teach staff members to fulfill their A-game in vocational work, this book offers something for you.

Online Learning – Introductory Classes

These introductory classes provide insight into the purpose for each instrument, their intended use, and specifics about the reports that are generated as a result. Each module begins with a video that shows you what is being measured and how to interpret the results. We also include a downloadable PDF workbook with appropriate exercises to improve your knowledge about assessment instruments in an effort to help you see why we’ve created the suite and how it is designed to work for you.

Modules Included:

  1. Overview of TrueWiring for Churches
  2. Spiritual Gifts Overview
  3. DISC Overview
  4. Conflict Profile Overview
  5. Emotional Intelligence Overview
  6. Motivators Overview

Online Learning – Training Classes

The Online Training classes begin where the overview left off. Building on your understanding of assessments and instruments, these modules take a deeper look at each instrument along with the themes and scales in their detailed reports. We include TrueWiring for Churches: A Field Guide to Understanding Your Results in this package as a comprehensive guide to help you dive as deep as you want! At the end of these modules, you’ll be able to help others understand their results and become proficient at connecting people to positions more effectively by understanding how these instruments work together to describe strengths and weaknesses.

Modules Included:

  1. Introduction to TrueWiring for Churches for Leaders
  2. Spiritual Gifts vs Motivators
  3. DISC as Revealed in Other Instruments
  4. Conflict Profile in Practice
  5. Emotional Intelligence is NOT Set in Stone
  6. Issues to be Managed vs Problems to be Solved

Premier Access

As a leader or TrueWiring Assessor, you’ll have access to documents and content that will help you use TW4C to it’s fullest. We’ve used this suite of instruments for hundreds of individual assessments and leadership development courses. Each month we continue to add to the library of resources available to keep you abreast of trends and activities going on in our world of assessments. We also include Quarterly Coaching Calls using a video teleconferencing platform ( During these one-hour sessions, we present some of the latest findings, talk about a few specific requests that are recent and relevant, then open the discussion for questions.

Content Included:

  • Premium content
  • Quarterly coaching calls
  • Technical documentation

Church Assessor Class (Orlando, FL) – 12 hours

Our TrueWiring Assessor Classes gives you an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the entire assessment suite. The class begins with a full-day discussion of each assessment instrument, why we developed the instrument, how it’s used appropriately (or not), the actual items used to compute the scores and some of the psychometrics behind the instruments. We’ll challenge you to try and coerce the instrument to give you a desired result and discuss the pitfalls of self-reporting instruments. After a full day of working hard, some call this drinking from a firehose, we break for the evening and let some of the details sink in overnight. The second half-day includes exercises with more interaction geared toward giving you the tools you need to effectively assess people using these tools.

Master Assessor Class (Orlando, FL) – 16 hours

For those who want to work in the field of assessing individuals with our instruments, the Master Assessors class is essential. Building on the Church Assessor class, we add another two days of intensive study and actual individual assessments with coaching to give you the background you need to begin assessing people. We will cover the additional instruments require for Level 1 and Level 2 Assessments, to include 16PF, the Career Competency Report, the Couples Counseling Report, Behavioral History Analysis, and others as deemed appropriate. Certified Master Assessors are granted a special account status that allows them to sell instrument packages to support their ministry efforts.

Learning Paths