The primary focus of TrueWiring is to help us understand how we are wired. As we learn more about our unique wiring, we should experience improvements throughout our lives, especially in social settings. When we understand how we tend to react under stress, in conflict, in team environments and so forth, the better we can adjust our behavior to ensure mutual success.

There are a few warnings that are appropriate at this point: 1) an abundance of introspection can fuel the notion of selfism and 2) like any social science experiment, focusing too much attention on the outcomes of any one survey instrument will tend to manipulate the outcome.

To defuse these warnings we must cultivate healthy relationships at home, work, and play — balance is required.

All of the above addresses a wide audience. We all need to appreciate these tendencies. This becomes even more important for those of us who call ourselves Christ-followers. The key difference between and is the addition of our Spiritual Gifts survey instrument.

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