Onsite TrueWiringTM Workshops for Rock RMS

Our assessment instruments are designed to provide great individual insight and support to enhance your small groups, leaders, relationships, and much more. One way to take advantage of the instrument built into Rock RMS is to have one of our certified TrueWiring teams lead a workshop tailored to meet your specific needs. The shortlist below includes five of the most popular workshops designed to leverage your results.

Important: We require the numerical scores for each scale across all five assessment instruments from Rock RMS at least 3 days before the workshop to prepare for detailed discussion.

Leverage TrueWiringTM assessment instruments with a 4 to 6-hour certified TrueWiring Assessment Team workshop for your staff, leaders, or group of your choosing.
  • Up to 10 people: $1459 +expenses
  • 11 to 25 people: $2495 +expenses

Depending on the size of your event, we will send one or two certified facilitators to conduct the workshop. Typically, the workshops run from 8:00 a.m. to noon, but some churches like to include lunch and make this an all-day event, e.g., 9:00 a.m. to noon, lunch, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. It is possible to combine workshops into morning and afternoon sessions to minimize expenses while hosting two completely separate groups. Suffice it to say, we will work with you to help improve your effectiveness as a church. Nothing pleases us more than seeing an empowered group highly motivated to take on the mission of Christ!


Unleashing Small Group Leaders with TrueWiring

Learn how to understand key scales and themes that highlight potential stress-points for members in your small groups.

Creating Healthy Relationships Through TrueWiring

Understand how to set appropriate boundaries, anticipate challenges, and see blindspots for building lasting relationships.

TrueWiring for Marriage and Pre-Marital Counseling

Deal with bumps within marriages and anticipate tension points before marriage.

Using TrueWiring to Build Ministry Teams

Build effective teams that minimize the experience gap by understanding how team members are wired.

TrueWiring for Developing Leaders

Learn to use the tools to find those areas where you and your leaders can grow in their own unique, natural, and gifted ways.

Custom Workshops

Create a workshop for your specific needs.

Learning Paths