By now you’ve figured out that TrueWiring© for Churches consists of five unique assessment instruments. We know from years of experience that it takes multiple instruments to begin to help us understand how we’re wired. The more you complete, the better you can gain insight into your strengths and find areas that can be improved.

We want to help you keep track of your accomplishments! It takes time and effort to focus and complete each assessment instrument as part of this suite. For each instrument you complete,  you are awarded a star and a badge for the instrument completed.


For those who want to go beyond self-evaluation and how to use the TrueWiring suite, we are building an Instructor Certification path (Master Class). This is still in the works, but once completed, you can earn the rare, Certified Instructor badge:

Certified Instructor

As you complete each instrument, you will receive an email with a link to your personalized report along with new badges.